Nektar flavored beer
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logo nektar Banja Luka Brewery during the last two years has created four new flavors of flavored beer Nektar lemon, Nektar grapefruit, Nektar currant and Nektar pineapple which have caused a revolution and for a short time became the absolute leaders in the market of flavored beers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All types of Nektar flavored beers contain only natural fruit flavor, which together with the highest quality beer singles them out from the crowd of similar products on the market and which has been very much appreciated and recognized by consumer. Nektar flavored dark beer is definitely an innovation in the region and quite a surprise after lemon, grapefruit and pineapple. However, black currant is often used in the brewing industry as a supplement to beers, mainly in ales and fruit beers. Nektar lemon, Nektar grapefruit and Nektar pineapple contain sixty percent of real fruit juice, forty percent of beer and two percent alcohol. Nektar flavored beers are ideal for all situations in which you are longing for real refreshment.


nektar limun mala nektar grejp mala

Reusable bottle

Nektar Grejp