Environmental protection
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EKOPAK D.O.O. Sarajevo

Ekopak d.o.o Sarajevo is a company for handling packaging waste in the Federation of BiH.
In 2011, Banjalučka Pivara joined up with other socially-responsible companies in founding this company.

Ekopak members are large responsible companies operating in both the entities:

  • Coca Cola HBC B – H d.o.o. Sarajevo,
  • Bihaćka pivovara d.d. Bihać,
  • “Bimal” joint stock company for production of oil,
  • Banjalučka pivara a.d. Banja Luka,
  • Argeta d.o.o Sarajevo,
  • Violeta d.o.o. Tomislovgrad,
  • Orbico d.o.o. Sarajevo

Ekopak is a non-profit company founded in 2011 with the aim to take over the responsibility, in the name of its clients/packaging producers, importers, fillers, distributors and traders, for fulfilling of legal requirements for recycling and usage of packaging waste in the Federation of BiH.

By obtaining a permit by the Ministry of Environment of the Federation on 29th May 2012, it has become the first and leading operator of the waste packaging management system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The work of Ekopak d.o.o. has been based on the best EU practices in this area, but also on high standard of business operations, in accordance with the founders’ standards.

The aim of Ekopak is:

  • Application of legislation on packaging and packaging waste in line with the best experiences and know-how from Europe and the world.
  • Establishing and development of an efficient and integrated packaging and packaging waste system for all kinds of packaging waste: glass, paper, metal, plastic, wood.
  • Usage of the existing utility capacities for establishing of a system and their further development with development of the system.
  • Usage of experiences and know-how from the best practices of the European countries.

Necessary permanent communication and partnership between the country and interested producers, so as to provide achieving of an agreement on environmentally safe and economically justified solution that the industry could support.

The up-to-the-present manner of packaging waste management implies its final disposal to municipal landfills. The aim of Ekopak d.o.o. Sarajevo is to change this practice, in order to have as little waste ending up at landfills as possible, which would be returned to the process of reuse and recycling.

This would achieve new standards in environmental protection, fulfilling, at the same time, obligations of the industry that will be resulting from the law.