Wheat beer “Kaltenberg Weissbier” – soon all around BiH
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“Banjalučka pivara” starts with the production of a new kind of beer: Wheat beer “Kaltenberg Weissbier” – soon all around BiH


“Banjalučka pivara” soon starts with the production and selling of an additional beer style from the family of the famous Kaltenberg brand, i.e. the wheat beer “Kaltenberg Hefe Weissbier”. Weissbier is a top-fermented beer brewed witht the expertise of 200 years of wheat beer monolopy in the Royal family. and this is an additional step by which the “Banjalučka pivara” expands its successful business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The fact that the H.R.H. Prince Luitpold of Bavaria from Kaltenberg Castle, and  owner of the “Kaltenberg”brand, jointly with Nicholas Penny, CEO of “Banjalučka pivara” were at the premiere presentation of this beer for the media representatives in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, speaks volumes about the new product.

Nicholas Penny reminded that “Banjalučka pivara”, as the leader on the BiH market, is producing beer of top quality for a long time, as well as that the deal on Weissbier production is just a logical step forward in the successful cooperation with Kaltenberg, after the “Kaltenberg Pils” beer found its consumers at home.


For a long time Banjaluka Brewery produces beer of a great quality. Among them "Kaltenberg pils" stands up, so it was logical business step to raise cooperation with Kaltenberg on a higher level.

The beer market is changing all the time, and the consumers are demanding new tastes, new experiences. Considering the fact that Weissbier is a tipe of beer that is getting mass popularity trough out the world, we wanted to be among the first to bring them into the market.

We are particularly proud on our new product, because the specific expertise of production of Weissbier comes from Bavaria. We are hoping that with this we will make happy all the beer drinkers in RS, and BiH and bring the proven quality to our market “Kaltenberg Hefe -Weissbier”- top quality wheat beer, said Nicholas Penny, general manager of Banjaluka Brewery.

Prince Luitpold has reminded that the first brewery in Bavaria was founded by the royal dynasty Wittelsbachs in 1260, and that “Kaltenberg” is the result of that work, and as such, an essential part of the tradition.

He reminded that “Kaltenberg” beer is still brewed in accordance with the German Beer purity law “Reinheitsgebot” from 1516, as the oldest law on food safety.


My grand-, grand-, grand- father the Bavarian Duke Maximillian I made Bavaria one of the richest countries in the XV century, and for that financial success, wheat beer production is greatly responsible. Maximillian I was the last person to inherit the rights to Weissbier production (wheat beer), which was forbidden by the Law on purity, because of the use of wheat malt, not barley malt. Maximillian successfully used that right by making 30 “Weisse Bräuhauser” (“white” breweries) in whole Bavaria, and his Munich-based “Weisses Brauhaus” became a local miracle. The wheat beer monopoly remained in the royal family the following 200 years and we still use only our family recipes for royal Bavarian beer production.

He also pointed out that the culture of beer drinking is something very appreciated when Kaltenberg is the topic of conversation, and that “Weissbier” holds many secrets in which all that love sophisticated beer tastes will enjoy.

These secrets were unveiled by Mr. ArtemVynogradov, who is also a graduated beer sommelier and Global Sales Manager in the team of Prinz Luitpold of Bavaria, who told the secret of the best way of enjoying “Weissbier” to all present, by practically presenting the process of the correct pouring and consuming of “Weissbier”.


Kaltenberg Hefe-Weissbier – one of our royal Bavarian specialities, made with special Kaltenberg yeast and from different types of malt and bitter hops from Hallertau, accordingly to secret family recipes of His Royal Honour Prince Luitpold von Bayern. It has also clouds of natural yeast inside. It´s taste, slender and refreshing, smooth and sparkling, fill your mouth with fruity taste in which you can identify banana as well as melon and honey taste, which disappears as quick as it has come.This beer is very smooth and mild, almost without any bitterness and aftertaste. It refreshes you and exhilarates for further consumption.