Human Resources
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Human resources

Banja Luka Brewery a.d. and its way of working confirm the focus of Brewery on to people and products. People are our greatest value and competitive advantage. An employee who, thanks to their knowledge and skills, can make the company distinctive from the competition and successful on the market, play a key role in our company. Therefore, knowledge and ability are the most valued asset in our company.

Banja Luka Brewery a.d. operates in a manner that the employees within the Brewery feel like "at home", but also the employees at the same time are faced with the challenges and stimulation. Brewery recognizes and rewards individuals who invest their creativity in work in an inspiring, efficient and professional manner. To all we offer business challenges, dynamic work environment and opportunities for professional and personal growth and development.

Banja Luka Brewery a.d. seeks to provide to their employees the possibility of individual and team achievement of all potentials and the competencies, and management sees the possibility of achieving business goals of the company only by supporting these efforts.

Human resource management is a key area for the creation of our long-term competitive advantage. The ability of our company to respond to competitive market conditions is the result of recruitment of a sufficient number of people with appropriate talents, skills and motivation. This is why the Banja Luka Brewery a.d. build a culture that supports innovation, customer loyalty, learning, leadership and desire to win of all employees regardless of whether they are team leaders or their members.

Respect and trust are nurtured in the field of interpersonal relations, and thus intolerance, harassment or discrimination, as the expression of basic lack of respect, in our company has no place.

Team work, based on genuine dialogue and transparency in the work, is encouraged and supported in each of the tasks and the environment because it makes a solid foundation of continuous improvement.
From employees are expected firm commitment and respect for the values of organizational culture on all levels.

In hiring process are taken into account only the professional knowledge, skills, experience and compliance with these postulates, and the origin of the candidates, religion, sex, race or age are not taken into account

Objectives  of Human Resource  Services

The main objectives set before the Department of Human Resources in the Banja Luka Brewery ad are:

  • to ensure the optimal number of competent people in Brewery who will make and sustain a long term competitiveness,
  • to continuously raise the number of employees with higher and university degree in total employment,
  • that the Banja Luka brewery a.d. with its policy of human resource management make so distinctive among competition and successfully market,
  • to assist in creating and maintaining the image of the Banja Luka Brewery ad as one of the most desirable employers
  • to attract, recruit and assist in guiding the career development of talented, highly skilled people,
  • to manage the real needs of the labor force through the restructuring process and the internal labor market and the short-and long-term planning and organizing training to ensure that employees with greater flexibility and thus create the preconditions for a rapid response to company changes imposed by the environment.

The role of human resources

Function of human resources is based on the skill of maintaining the balance between the economic goals of the Banja Luka Brewery and objectives and interests of employees and external communities in which Brewery operates and their interconnection.

Specifically, this means that the function of human resources in the Banja Luka Brewery ad, from quality employment of new staff through effective team formation and through continuous professional training of individuals, provide and continuously contribute effective achieving of the mission and vision which the company set to itself as a business strategy of the company. Department of Human Resources takes care of the development plan of careers in the Banja Luka brewery ad, by giving them training through internal training and retraining of employees to work at multiple locations within a single facility, the acquisition of general and specialist professional knowledge and developing general managerial knowledge, abilities and skills.

In addition to provide seamless administrative support, the main role of the Department of Human Resources is to create value-added business and pro-active role in every situation that requires the operation of the service.