Executive Team
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Nicholas Penny

Director Nicholas PennyNicholas Penny spent the first ten years of his working career in major drinks companies. His first role was in Moet Hennessy group in France where he was involved in PR activities for major global brands such as Moet & Chandon Champagne and Hennessy Cognac in France. Subsequently he joined the Guinness Group Plc in 1990 and worked in a series of sales and marketing roles on Guinness beer and Johnnie Walker whisky, such as sales and marketing manger for Czech Republic and finally International Marketing manager for Johnnie Walker brands. In 1999, following the merger of Guinness Group with Grand Metropolitan to form Diageo, Mr. Penny left to pursue fast moving, smaller scale projects.
First among these was the creation of a market leading brewing business in Romania. This company Brewery holdings Romania grew from just 500,000 HL in 1998 to over 2.4 million hectolitres in three years via acquisition and organic growth, and became the market leader in the Romanian beer Industry ahead of the major international companies. Other projects undertaken between 200 and 2004 include mineral water, chocolate confectionary, bakeries, telecoms and distilling. In 2005 he moved back to London and spent a year working on major strategic consulting projects for companies such as South African Breweries, Coca Cola International, Jim Beam and William Grants
In July 2006 Mr. Penny took over as Director of Banjalučka pivara a.d.

Slobodanka Gajić

Slobodanka GajićSlobodanka Gajić, an Economist, was born on 4th December 1955 in Ćetojevići. To Banjalučka Pivara a.d. she brought many years of rich experience of work on domestic and foreign purchasing, cooperation, wholesale, re-export and lohn activities, foreign currency operations, forwarding and customs clearance operations and logistics, all gained at a production company Čajavec, in the period from 1977 to 2002. During this period, she was awarded on several occasions for coordination of commercial and financial operations, preparation of organization of work (work methodology) for the cooperatives – participants in a new product development to the phase of realization. In addition to extensive experience, she has attended a number of professional courses and owns a number of certificates, with the most significant being: Certificate for Work in Foreign Trade, Certificate in Customs Operations, and Certificate in Forwarding Operations.
After she came to Banjalučka Pivara a.d. in 2002, an Export Service was founded, which provided the company a basis to be registered for performance of forwarding duties. The results of her development in work resulted in her promotion to Logistics Manager in 2006.
Slobodanka is married and mother of two children.

Mirjana Jovanović

Mirhana JovanovićMirjana Jovanović joined our brewing family in late 2007. Having successfully fulfilled all her tasks as assistant CFO, she was soon to be promoted, and in mid 2008 she was appointed CFO of Banjalučka pivara a.d. (director of finance-IT department).
Mirjana brought with her several years of experience in various areas of finance (public & corporate finance, investment banking), management, consulting, etc. Ever since obtaining her Master’s degree in Business Administration (finance, general management) from Vanderbilt university, USA, Mirjana has been dedicating her free time to various development projects (head of economic affairs in “Club 2010”, a Banja Luka based think tank, pro-bono SME consultant, etc.) and lecturing.
Mirjana was appointed an executive member and the vice-president of the Management board of Banjalučka pivara a.d. in April 2010.

Radovan Rakić

Radovan RakićRadovan Rakić, a Technologist (Faculty of Technology; Biochemical and Food Technology), born on 3rd September 1964 in Srbac, became part of Banjalučka Pivara a.d. team in 1996. He brought with him experience from production companies Unis Adria, where he worked as a Chief of Pasta Production Plant, as well as from Levita from Gradiška, where he worked as a Technologist in charge of all preparatory processes in manufacturing.
In the last fifteen years, since he has joined Banjalučka Pivara a.d., Radovan has successfully performed a number of duties, he was entrusted with: he worked as a Technologist in production, Chief of Beer Fermentation, Quality Management Representative (being also one of the persons leading the project for introduction of ISO Standards at Banjalučka Pivara a.d.), Chief of Filtration and Beer Bottling, as well as Manager of Production and Technical Sector. Radovan was appointed Director of Production Sector in 2004 and he has performed duties of a Brewery Manager – Director of Production and Technical Sector since 2008.

Snježana Granula

Snježana GranulaSnježana Granula joined the management team of Banjalučka pivara a.d. in early 2007. She brought with her years-long, rich experience in human resources management, focused especially on employment (definition of needs, finding and hiring talented persons, with knowledge, experience and characteristics perfectly matching the needs of a position and work environment) and professional development of human resources, their motivation, performance evaluation and awarding, and the implementation of domestic and international legislation and standards regulating the area.
Snježana has been working as a manager for employment and development in the human resources department of Banjalučka pivara a.d. since 2007.


Branko Bašić

Branko BašićBranko Bašić, an Economist, was born on 5th October 1976 in Banja Luka.  He joined the team of Banjalučka pivara a.d. in 2002, and in the following eleven years he has successfully performed a number of tasks he was entrusted with.  In the period from 2002 to 2006, he has performed duties of a market developer, working through details of all aspects of sales in a very specific beer market.  In 2006, he was promoted to a position of a sales supervisor, carrying the responsibility for building and maintenance of good relationships with the largest distributors of Banjalučka pivara.  In early 2013, Branko was appointed to a position of a director of sales – core market, and thus joined the Executive team of Banjalučka pivara. . In 2015 he became the sales director of Banjalučka pivara.

His previous work experience Branko developed during a number of years working with another domestic firm, trading in alcoholic drinks and tobacco.

Branko is married, and a father of three boys.

Dejan Čato

Dejan ČatoDejan Čato joint the team of Banjalučka Pivara in April 2007. He graduated in 2004 from the Banja Luka College of Communications. He started his professional career in the automobile industry, where he has actively worked and gained significant experiences in sales. He is a winner of the main prize for the best business idea of the Exit Center and the Government of the Great Britain in 2003, where he participated, together with his team, in several workshops and seminars for introduction of advanced technologies into our society. He has shown his initiatives, pro-activity and dedication quite early, thus he may show off for the title of the best cadet in ’99 Class of Infantry Reserve Officers Training Corps in Bileća.

At Banjalučka Pivara, he has been through all the marketing segments; in 2009 he was appointed Brand Manager of the company, whereas in 2011 he has moved to the position of Strategic Marketing Manager. He was a member of the jury for Superbrands BiH 2012 and he represented Banjalučka Pivara several times at international beer quality competitions.

In the beginning of 2013, Dejan was appointed to the position of Marketing Manager, thus becoming an Executive Marketing Director of Banjalučka Pivara.