New Design for Real Nektar Beer
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Banjalučka Pivara has redesigned Nektar PET bottle upon the sample of Nektar bottle of 0.5 l in order to create a visual identity of Nektar brand, keeping the top quality of Nektar beer together with the best characteristics of plastic packaging. Redesign of the PET packaging of Nektar, together with a new line for filling of beer in plastic packaging, presents the final step in modernization of Banjalučka Pivara, as well as business policy characterized by bigger commitment towards the customers and their desires.

“We are determined, in each moment, to respond to the needs of our customers. This step has primarily been the continuation of change and success that we have achieved through dedicated work and investments in the last three years in the area of modernization of all the aspects of production of beer and packaging, the result of which we have felt last year through even stronger link with our consumers and increase of sales. We are continuing to work with equal passion, so as to continue producing the best domestic beer for all the “Nektar fans” and those who are yet to become Nektar fans,” stated Nicholas Penny, Managing Director of Banjalučka Pivara.

Nova Nektar PET boca

By the work of the most modern line for the filling of beer into plastic packaging, Banjalučka Pivara has provided the filling of 1500 bottles of beer per minute into plastic packaging, increasing the line capacity and efficiency of the filling, ensuring a smaller stoppage when filling the beer, decreasing the creation of waste and significantly decreasing the possibilities of work injuries.

By redesigning the plastic packaging of Nektar in Banjalučka Pivara, we wanted to create a more modern version of the most famous brand, which integrates both the history and heritage of Banjalučka Pivara. The top of the bottles shows reliefs of the tools that used to be used in the very beginning of the Brewery in 19th century for manual stirring and making of beer, with a recognizable Nektar logo. In this way, we have continued to develop Nektar as a real beer with rich tradition and bright future.

The process of modernization of the Brewery started in 2011. Banjalučka Pivara managed, in three years, to modernize the whole system for control of production and quality analysis. Banjalučka Pivara will, during 2014, continue with great investments, efficient management of energy consumption and modernization of production, carefully listening to the needs and desires of its consumers.