Fresh new look www.nektarpivo.com
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Nektarpivo.com website of the most famous brand of Banjalučka Pivara is still at its old domain, but in a totally new, modern design intended for all the young Nektar fans as well as all those who feel that way. In addition to the funniest beer contents that has become a reference source of news about the most famous domestic brand, as well as about the beer industry in general; the new website of “Nektar beer” will be an epicenter of all the activities of Banjalučka Pivara on the internet.


The website has fully been adjusted to all the devices, including tablets and mobile telephones. News from Banjalučka Pivara is a Nektar beer application for android and iphone devices, which can be used to get organized with their friends, plan a going out and find a right excuse for real fun!

Banjalučka Pivara has continued with intensive communication and strengthening of strong relations with its consumers and, throughout the year, the consumers will be included into all the activities of the Brewery, including the creation of an advertisement for “Nektar Beer”. Visitors of the website nektarpivo.com can vote for their version of a new advertisement and precisely their votes will significantly affect the final advertising product during the whole creative process, up to the first broadcasting, but also after it.