Fans are selected a new Nektar TV ad
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Visitors of the official website of Nektar Beer at www.nektarpivo.com have selected a real beginning of a new Nektar beer advertising. This is the first and unique case that fans of any of the brands in the Republic of Srpska had an opportunity to affects contents of an advertisement by their direct choices. Since the beginning of April this year, it was possible, on the website of Nektar beer, to vote for one of the three given beginnings of a new advertisement for Nektar beer.


“Since the very beginning of work on this new advertising for the most famous domestic brand, Nektar beer, we wanted to involve our beer consumers into this creative process in a way that we have, for the first time, provided to our consumers to vote and select a real beginning for our new Nektar advertising. Banjalučka Pivara has had a very active communication with its loyal consumers and it is our commitment to work, together with them, on promoting the most famous domestic brand, Nektar beer. Proposal number one, which visitors of our Nektar beer website have chosen, perfectly describes the Nektar brand, as beer for all generations, with its rich past and bright future, which shows that our consumers understand the Nektar philosophy quite well,” stated Dejan Čato, Marketing Director of Banjalučka Pivara.

Selection of a new advertising of Nektar beer is a continuation of changes that Banjalučka Pivara started this spring, by redesigning the website of the most famous brand of Banjalučka Pivara. The new website “Nektar Beer” was envisaged as a fun and modern epicenter of all the activities of Banjalučka Pivara on the internet and as a reference source of news about the most famous domestic brand, but, also, of beer industry in general.


Banjalučka Pivara has continued with intensive communication and strengthening of strong relations with its consumers who can expect to have many surprises this year, along with a combination of real fun for the whole society in both in the real and virtual worlds.