It's real time for prizes together with Nektar beer
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Nektar beer to real supporting atmosphere! Banjalučka Pivara has organized a prize game for all the „Nektar fans“. By purchasing particularly marked Nektar beer in 0.5 l cans, in the period from 8th June to 8th August 2014, all the citizens of age of Bosnia and Herzegovina gain the right to participate in the prize game. In order to participate in the prize game, it is necessary to send a unique alphanumeric code underneath the cap closure in one of the two following ways: by making a direct entry of the code on the website at: www.nektarpivo.com that is www.nektarpivo.com/limenke or by sending an SMS to the number 091 212 402. One SMS may only contain one alphanumeric code, that is, this code can only be sent once via SMS or be entered directly onto the website. The SMS may be directly sent by the users of M:tel, BH Telekom and Eronet. The price of one SMS is KM 0.20 + VAT. The winners will be informed via SMS message and/or by telephone.

Nektar Limenke NI karton i vobler

On each, specifically designed Nektar can of 0.5 l there is a QR code, which, when scanned by QR scanner from a mobile phone of the user can directly lead to the website www.nektarpivo.com that is www.nektarpivo.com/limenke at which you may directly enter the unique alphanumeric code and participate in this way in the prize game and drawing of prizes. Each week, during the prize game, there will be a drawing of real prizes for the real supporting atmosphere:

•             1 x LCD TV 3D

•             1 x table soccer

•             1 x Mini fridge

•             10 x soccer ball

•             20 x t-shirt (Nektar soccer team)

Double weekly prizes will be drawn in the last week of the prize game. Each Monday, a list of winners will be published at www.banjaluckapivara.com and www.nektarpivo.com as well as in daily papers available on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska, two days after the final drawing of prizes.

From 8th June to 8th August – every day makes real time for prizes with Nektar beer!