True Nektar refreshment
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The sun relentlessly burns. You feel your throat getting tightened. You need something juicy, refreshing, not too sweet, to satisfy the thirst and make you smile? The real choice is Nektar flavored beers. Grape, lemon, pineapple or black current?

During the last two years, Banjalucka Pivara has created as much as four new tastes of flavored beers: Nektar Limun, Nektar Grejp, Nektar Ribizla and Nektar Ananas, which have caused a revolution and became, in a short time, absolute leaders on the flavored beer market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Refreshing Nektar flavored beers are particularly favored during the summer months, but also during the winter, when Nektar Ribizla, our dark flavored beer with black current juice, is one of the most favorite drinks in restaurants and cafes. All the Nektar flavored beers contain only the natural fruit aroma, which, along with the highest quality beer, makes them stand out of the many other similar products on the market and the consumers do appreciate and recognize it well. Nektar dark flavored beer is definitely something new in the region and a surprise after lemon, grape and pineapple. Also, black current is often used in the brewing industry as an additive to beers, mainly for ales and fruit beers. Nektar Limun, Nektar Grejp and Nektar Ananas contain 60% of the real fruit juice and 40% of beer, as well as 2% alcohol. Share of sales of Nektar flavored beers on the market amounts to 6%. Nektar flavored beers are ideal for all the situations where you are longing for juicy refreshment with a bit of alcohol. Production of flavored beers is a continuation of change and adjustment to consumers, who encourage Banjalucka Pivara with their positive reactions and customer satisfaction with a new Nektar.


Cooperation with domestic producers and usage of domestic raw materials, as well as constant improvement of production, with innovations in the domestic brewing industry, are all a part of strategic commitment of Banjalucka Pivara, as the only domestic brewery in the Republic of Srpska, to encourage and develop domestic production and the best domestic beer.

History of flavored beers – Radlers

Radler (German: Radler cyclist), or radla in slang, is a mixed drink made of beer and carbonated non-alcoholic drinks. Traditionally, it is made by mixing a soft lemon soda and lime (eg. Sprite or 7-Up) with a medium dark beer, but today it is usually made with light beer. Dunkles Radler or “dark radler” is still very popular in Bavaria, where you make a special order for it. Some guides recommend mixing of beer and soda in a 3:2 ratio, respectively.

A well known story that Franz Haver Kugler invented radler proved to be untrue. The truth is that Kugler had an inn in the city called Oberhaching, southern from Munich, which used to be visited by cyclists. The legend says that one Saturday, in June 1922, a great group of cyclists came to see Kugler in order to renew their, already used up, stocks of beer. Having in mind the saying that stern necessity is the mother of resourcefulness, he ‘doubled’ his stock of beer by adding soda, and served it as Radlermaß (the cycler’s sip). Still, having in mind that Radlermass was mentioned in brewing reference books only between 19th and 20th century, we may doubt that the legend had been actually wisely constructed to increase the business in the Kugler’s inn.

The truth is that Radlermass was created at the end of 19th century in one of the former popular socialist cycling clubs, however, the identity of the real founder of radlers has not been identified yet. Whoever he or she may be, we should certainly thank them for relaxing and refreshing combination of beer and fruit juice, which leads to instantaneous refreshment.