New logo of Banjaluka Brewery

Novi znak i logotip Banjalučke pivareNew logo of Banjaluka Brewery

Banjalučka Pivara officially presented its new logo at an event of socializing with media representatives.
The change of visual identity is much more than just a change of look and it presents a step towards the future, beginning of new investments, following and creation of new trends as well as change of business approach with the aim to fully respond to the needs and demands of our customers and the market.

Decision on changing the logo is a product of commitment to continuous development and future, but also establishing of stronger links with our history and continuation of our quality tradition. Pride, respect and inspiration that Banjalučka Pivara absorbs from its tradition are integrated into the new logo, through the tools, which used to be used in the very beginning of the brewery when beer was manually produced.

“Relying on tradition, which is of priceless significance to us all and experience, which gives us stable support in business operations, we see changes as opportunity to position ourselves better on the market, to strengthen the existing cooperation with our consumers and build new partnerships”, stated Nicholas Penny.

The change of visual identity is only the first step of a turnaround we are making to provide even better quality, achieve better results and create new values to the satisfaction of our employees, customers and the community in which we work.