Brewery tour

Welcome to the oldest brewery in the Balkans, the home of Nektar beer and many other brands!

From a small brewery that served only the needs of a monastery, Banja Luka Brewery has grown into a large and modern brewery with a production capacity sufficient for the entire market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a large number of export markets. If you want to learn more about how Banja Luka Brewery has influenced the development of Banja Luka, thanks to whom we enjoy Nektar beer today, and how a brewery from Banja Luka has managed to survive as long as the world-famous Heineken, we suggest you fill out the form and sign up for a tour of this landmark.

  • Duration

    90 minutes

  • Address

    Slatinska 8, 78000, Banja Luka

  • Contact

Minimum number of visitors per group: 12, maximum: 35.

It is possible to organize multiple groups at the same time.

The tour includes a historical tour with a licensed guide, a production tour with Banja Luka Brewery technologists, and a tasting of fresh beer straight from the tap.

If you want to visit our brewery, make an appointment using the following form:

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