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The Banja Luka Brewery and the way we work confirm the Brewery's focus on people and products. People represent our greatest value and competitive advantage and the employees have a key role in our company. With the knowledge and skills, they can make the company recognizable among the competition and more successful on the market. Therefore, knowledge and skills are the most valued assets in our company.

The Banja Luka Brewery works in such a way that the employees within the Brewery feel “at home”, but at the same time, they face challenges and incentives. The brewery recognizes and rewards the individuals who invest their creativity in the business in an inspiring, efficient and professional manner.


We offer business challenges, dynamic work environment and the opportunity for professional and personal growth and development.

Banja Luka Brewery strives to provide employees with the possibility of reaching all the potentials and competencies in team or individually, and the management sees the possibility of achieving the company's business goals precisely by providing support for such efforts.

People first.

Human resource management is a key area for creating our long-term competitive advantage. Our company's ability to respond to competitive market conditions is the result of employing a sufficient number of people with the appropriate talents, skills and motivation. This is exactly why Banja Luka Brewery has built a culture that supports employee innovation, loyalty, learning, entrepreneurship and passion for winning, regardless of whether they are team leaders or members.

Teamwork is what makes our company successful.

Respect and trust are nurtured in interpersonal relations, so intolerance, abuse or discrimination as expressions of elementary lack of respect have no place in our company. Teamwork, based on honest dialogue and work transparency, is encouraged and supported in each task and environment because it forms a solid foundation for continuous progress.

Employees are expected to be loyal to the company and respect the values of the organizational culture at all levels. During recruitment, only professional knowledge, skills, experience and compliance with the above are considered, and the candidate's origin, nationality, religion, gender, race or age are not taken into account.

What we offer to our teams:

  • Company vehicle and telephone (for certain positions – middle management and executive directors, as well as the commercial department).
  • Bonuses and awards (for outstanding results achieved).
  • Jubilee awards for 10, 20 and 30 years of work in BLP.
  • Trainings for workplace improvement.
  • Flexible working hours and, if necessary, work from home (for certain positions).
  • 24-hour collective accident insurance.
  • Socializing and recreation for employees.
  • New Year's sweet packages for employee children.
  • Installment purchases for employees and family members (in sports equipment stores, bookstores, and shoe stores).
  • Financial aid (in case of death of a close family member).
  • Free meal in the company's restaurant.
  • Gift - beer for the New Year holidays.

We currently have the following open positions:


  • Sales and Logistics Sector


    • organization of distribution channels on sales markets and distribution management,
    • contracting the sale of products from Banja Luka Brewery range (sales and logistics tasks)
    • ensuring excellent relations with our customers, so that “Banjalučka pivara” is their preferred supplier,
    • planning, proposing and implementing annual, quarterly and monthly sales plans/activities, both for customers and the market,
    • distribution of sales material stocks, in accordance with marketing guidelines,
    • achieving numerical distribution (availability), volume (quantity), while implementing all principles of sales and product positioning in the sales facility,
    • ensuring data for monitoring the output of goods from important distributors (other products, sales of competitors, etc.), and proposing and undertaking corrective measures to achieve the adopted plans and increase sales,
    • creation, proposal and implementation of sales activation plan,
    • participation in the development of promotion models and their mechanisms, and, in accordance with the agreed guidelines, their implementation on the market,
    • contracting and organizing the adopted promotion model/concept in accordance with marketing guidelines,
    • organizing and providing sales and logistics support for large public gatherings on the market through the work of the events team,
    • ensuring administrative support and control for legal monitoring of the movement of commercial fixed assets on the market,
    • analysis of sales results based on appropriate business indicators, according to the needs of the Company,
    • export-import business,
    • freight forwarding,
    • organization of shipment of finished products and collection of return packaging,
    • organization of finished products records and invoicing of sold products in wholesale and retail,
    • approves the policy of dispatch and delivery of goods in public road traffic, and carries out the implementation of the adopted policy in accordance with legal regulations,
    • records and administrative-technical work related to the Company's fleet,

    The work of the following work units is organized within the Sales and Logistics Sector:

    1. Sales Administration
    2. Sales Teams

    • Events Team
    • Banja Luka - Northwest region on trade
    • Banja Luka - Northwest region off trade
    • Region North
    • Eastern Bosnia region
    • Eastern Herzegovina region
    • Region of Sarajevo and Central Bosnia

    3. KA segment
    4. Warehouse management
    5. Transport and freight forwarding

  • Production and Technical sector

    Within the Production and Technical sector, the production of beer, malt, yeast and other activities are ensured, which enables functioning of the technical and technological process of production and other facilities, control of production processes and the finished product in terms of microbiology, physico-chemical control and sensor stability of the finished product and the raw materials, as well as ensuring the hygiene and health correctness of the finished product, as well as handling complaints about the finished product, i.e. raw materials in the Company.

    Three services and one work unit are organized within the Production and Technical sector:

    1. quality control service,
    2. technical service,
    3. production and packaging service,
    4. energy
    5. warehouse of incoming goods

  • Finance and IT sector

    The following is provided within the Finance and IT sector:

    • planning, securing and rational use of financial resources,
    • matching the inflow of funds with the due dates of financial obligations,,
    • distribution of the achieved financial result,
    • controlling the use of financial resources,
    • accounting planning, supervision, analysis and information

    The following services are organized within the Financial and IT sector:
    1. Department of Finance and Accounting
    2. Controlling service
    3. IT service.

  • Department of Legal Affairs and Human Resources Management

    The department of legal affairs and human resources management ensures the following activities:

    • preparation of general and individual acts of the Company,
    • ensuring the legality of the Company's operations,
    • review and application of relevant domestic regulations,
    • calculation and keeping records of salaries and other benefits based on employment,
    • records on the status and movement of the Company's employees,
    • coordination of human resources planning, professional development of employees,
    • work improvement activities,
    • organizing professional development of employees,
    • organizing and monitoring the process of evaluating employees and their work performance,
    • organizing workers' recreation and health care,
    • property protection.

    The following services are organized within the Department of Legal Affairs and Human Resources Management:
    1. Legal service and
    2. Human Resources service

  • Marketing sector

    As part of the Marketing sector, strategy development and long-term guidelines for existing brands and new product development are carried out. The activities of the Marketing department include, but not limited to:

    • creation, proposal and implementation of the brand plan (ATL domain) and creation and proposal for the BTL domain,,
    • development of marketing standards
    • brand development,
    • work on promoting new products with the aim of developing new brands,
    • activities related to public relations, media buying

    The following services are organized within the Department of Legal Affairs and Human Resources Management:
    1. Legal service and
    2. Human Resources service


Prepare your CV in the format that works best for you in order to introduce yourself in the best possible manner. You can choose to display work experience in more or less detail, show exact timelines and highlight your strengths. In a short cover letter, make sure to indicate the position name you are applying for, and state your affinities and reasons for applying. The same goes for unsolicited applications.



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