A Weekend with the flavor of 'Nektar Bez filtera': Double Brkovi Concert in Banja Luka


After the Zoster band hosted an unforgettable party with 'Nektar Bez filtera,' the legendary band Brkovi are coming to Banja Luka to continue this musical spectacle!

Under the slogan 'Weekend with Brkovi,' the Zagreb punk wellness folk band, just like their colleagues from Mostar, will have a double concert at the Student Club Banja Luka (KSB) on November 10 and 11.

Brkovi, known for their energetic music and hilarious lyrics, promise two unique evenings filled with punk, rock, and folk sounds. The band, led by 'Shams 69,' is coming to Banja Luka to promote their new album titled 'Krvava novčanica' (Bloody Banknote).

The upcoming weekend brings not only musical enjoyment but also a new dimension of taste with 'Nektar Bez filtera,' which will enhance the concert's atmosphere.

All additional information about this and upcoming music events, a result of the collaboration between Banjalučka pivara with the new brand 'Nektar Bez filtera' and the OK Team as organizers, are available on official social media and channels.

Get ready to sail on the waves of music and taste with Brkovi and the new brand from Pivara 'Nektar Bez filtera' because this will be an unmissable musical event.



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